No setup fees. No long-term contracts. Cancel at any time.

Option A $199/Mo/ Provider Zero Startup Cost

EHR Electronic Health Record (EHR)

• Custom Template
• Persistent data
• Demographics
• Advance Directives
• General History
• Family History
• Genetic Risks
• Social/Lifestyle History
• Environment/Stress
o living conditions
o social patterns
• Surgical History
• Allergies – food – drugs
• Vitals History
• Risk Factors
• Exams/Tests
• Review Of Systems
• Smoking Status
• Medications List
• E-Prescriptions (Surescripts)
• Immunizations
• Problem List
• Lab Results
• Follow-up
• E-Fax Capability
• Trending & Graphing
• Integrated PQRI
• Treatment Plan/Orders Set

$199 : No ads, no strings attached

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Option B $299/Mo/Provider Zero Startup Cost

Suite EHR and Practice Management (PM)

ALL EMR Features +
Practice Management:

• Patient Profile
• Integrated Scheduling
• Registration
• Appointments
• Clinic E-Messages system
• General questions
• Electronic Billing
• Authorization
• Referrals
• Audit Trail & access Controls
• Insurance Eligibility Verification

$299  per month per      provider

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Option C FREE EMR & Practice Management With MMS Billing

Billing Services EHR, PM, and Billing Services

FREE EMR & Practice Management
E Messaging
Full Services Billing:

• Electronic or Paper claims
• 24/7 WEB Access
• Aggressive follow-up on all claims
• Procedure and code fee analysis • Reporting with Graphs

ICD 10 Implementation: Translate & map comparing ICD-9 to ICD-10
Code documentation mirror the actual clinical & Cost analysis to check the financial impact of ICD-10

Payment posting & patient Statements

Processing of denials with appeals

Provide Comprehensive Reporting

Aging and analysis. With summary and detail with Graphs

Procedure and code fee analysis

• 24/7 WEB Access
• Scanning software
• Faxing software
• Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)* Codes
• E&M coder
• Role-based securities
• Clinical Decision Support System
Clinical templates

5.9% of Collectionsbased on claim volume and specialty MMS service fee is 5.9% or minimum of $1,650 per provider per month

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We provide a discount on the Suite plan for non-physician providers. If you are a high volume billing company or need clarification on our pricing, call us at 866-776-4722 or contact us.

Questions before you sign up

Yes, there are no fees for our EHR. We hope you find it useful and we earn the chance to help you manage the business side of your practice through our paid software or services.

No setup fees and no long-term contract. You simply pay as you go on a month-to-month basis and can cancel at any time.

You pay a subscription fee for each active provider on Suite plan. You can add or remove providers at any time.
You can sign up now and start using your account immediately. You can begin sending electronic claims to all commercial insurance companies within 48 hours.

We have sophisticated systems in place to keep your data safe and backed–up.

Since all of your data is hosted on our servers (”the cloud”), all you need is a modern Windows PC with a high speed Internet connection and you can access your account from anywhere.

Yes. Our programmers offer data import services for a flat fee of $1,500 and we can complete most projects within a few days. You can export your data from MMS on your own, at any time, at no additional charge.

You will receive a call within 24 hours of signing up from a customer support contact who will explain all aspects of the setup & implementation process.

You continue to have access to our online help center and on-going telephone, email, and chat support.

Yes, we have an open practice management platform we continually expand to give our customers freedom to choose the EHR that works best for them and their specialty. Check out our current EHR partners.

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