Web based software, which is the way for your practice to go paperless. DoctorsERM developed to save you money, improve efficiency and enhance security. DoctorsEMR helps your practice achieve your goal of deliver the best patient care possible. Workflow: combined with the DoctorsEMR Practice Management, patient check-in to departure is streamlined. Workflow is seamless from the front desk to physicians to billing, to office staff. Documentation is easier to use through templates and drop-down lists. Access : All of your practice data is available 24X7, whether you’re in the office, an exam room, or at home. Manage medications, access labs and test results, clinical decision support, and patient education materials are just some of the crucial types of information available in an instant. Customization to Clinic needs: Most features can be configured within the EMR as per provider requirements. This will help the provider in their daily work flow

is Doctors Choice Web based Enterprise software division of Advanced Medical Records Solutions Corporation. It provides a comprehensive set of products and services for medical practices, groups and hospitals, including our custom designed practice management software suite. DoctorsEMR helps improve staff productivity, increase revenue, and reduce costs for our clients. Features: Patient Profile: Consolidate useful patient specific biographical, historical and administrative information for focused, timely and well informed decisions. Increase patient volume, enhance efficiency and maximize profitability. Scheduling: A single interface optimizes resource utilization and appointment management across multiple locations, physicians, nurses and equipment. Eliminate duplicate data entry, improve communication and save valuable staff time.