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Surescripts — the Nation’s E-Prescription Network — gives healthcare providers secure, electronic access to prescription and health information that can save their patients’ lives, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of healthcare for all. Available during emergencies or routine care, the Surescripts network connects prescribers in all 50 states through their choice of e-prescribing software to the nation’s leading payers, chain pharmacies and independent pharmacies. Through its work in standards, certification, education and collaboration at the national, regional and state levels, Surescripts and its network have become the backbone that facilitates e-prescribing. For more information, go to


• Reduce Healthcare Costs • Improve Patient Safety • Increase Efficiency

"Cleaner", more accurate prescriptions Prescribers can confirm prescription benefit information prior to sending an e-prescription, therefore there is no need for the pharmacist to verify these details.

Improved patient safety

Prescribers can check for harmful drug interactions by reviewing patient medication history at the point of care. And because there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret, there is less potential for errors caused by similar-sounding drug names. Lower healthcare costs for everyone involved E-prescribing via the Surescripts network makes it easier for prescribers to select medications that are preferred by the patient's health plan, that meet therapeutic guidelines and are cost effective for the patient. E-prescribing also helps drive down healthcare costs by reducing the potential for medication errors. A recent study indicates that e-prescribing increases medication first fill adherence by 10% with the potential to save $140 - $240 billion over the next 10 years. Select a link below to learn more about the benefits of e-prescribing for:

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